Prep School

In this section:

*Ballet (Trans – U1) 
Ballet Techniques covered according to the IDTA ballet syllabus.

*Creative Dance (Trans – U1)
In creative dance lessons pupils will look at fun ways to explore dance using their own imaginations, visual tools and different types of music. For the younger ones there is a focus on natural movement as well as an introduction to the principles of dance. For the older children a wider range of styles are explored, building on coordination, musicality, improvisation skills and learning dance routines.

Dodgeball (U1 – L3)
A popular lunchtime club among Prep pupils in which two teams try to throw balls at each other without getting hit!

**Enrichment (L1 – U2)
A timetabled lesson taught to Prep pupils by a high school member of staff focusing on an area outside of the primary curriculum e.g. drama, Mandarin, chess

Hockey (U1 – L2) (U2-L3)
Introduction of game play and rules and a chance to develop skills. Run in the Autumn and Spring terms.

*Individual Music Lessons (U1 – U6)
30 minute lessons taught by our peripatetic teachers. Lessons available include Piano, Singing Violin, Guitar, Drums and woodwind instruments including Clarinet and Flute. Lessons for pupils in U1-U4 are taught throughout the school day on a rotating basis (so pupils do not miss the same part of the day each week). Priority is given to GCSE and A Level students for lessons before or after school or during free periods.

*Karate (AK) (Trans – L1) (U1-U6)
A Karate class run by external provider “A.K Family Karate and Fitness” which provides students with realistic and accessible self-defence strategies. It is a blend of different disciplines and styles of martial arts which draws on “Tang soo do” boxing and freestyle kick boxing. Students grade from white belt (beginners) through to black belt and Dan status. To view the AK Karate website please click here. 

Netball (U1 – L3)
Introducing basic skills, incorporating match play and developing game awareness.

**Prep Choir
Every pupil in Lower 2, Upper 2 and Lower 3 take part in a weekly rehearsal in preparation for the Prep Carol Service, a Spring Concert, and other special events, recently singing in the presence of Lord and Lady Harwood. This is part of the Prep Enrichment timetable.

Rounders (L1-L2) (U2-L3)
Introduction of game play and rules and a chance to develop skills.

School Council (Prep)
The Prep School Council is run by Mrs Wallis with the assistance of the 2 Head Girls. There is one representative per year group in Prep and one L3 pupil assigned to each KS1 year group. The group discussed issues and initiatives such as the equipment for the Prep playground.

* Speech and Drama (U1-U6)
Sessions are designed to embrace drama and movement work and will also provide our pupils with important speaking and listening skills which support the curriculum through key stages 2-4. Lessons are group based and pupils will be entered for external group drama examinations with New Era Academy.

*Street Jazz (L2 – L3)
A class where current music is used to create routines, building on movement memory, general fitness and fun!

Striking and Fielding Games (Rec-Trans)
This club is run in the summer term.

Tag Rugby (U1-L3)
Introducing the basics of rugby in a non-contact environment developing into basic contact rugby as skills advance.

Team Sports (Rec, Trans & L1)
Introduction to invasion games such as basketball, netball, hockey and rugby.

*Tennis Tots (Reception – Trans)
Run in the Spring term this class is designed to encourage balance, agility and co-ordination whilst helping to build each child’s self-confidence.

*Tennis Club (R – L1) (U1-L3)
Run in the summer term this class focuses on development of tennis skills and techniques.


* These clubs are run by external providers and are charged for
** Compulsory extra-curricular activities