“The Friends”

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“The Friends” is a registered charity whose objective is to host events in partnership with the school that add to the educational enrichment activities already run by the school. “”The Friends” aims to develop and sustain a strong, fun and beneficial community within Gateways School.

Although “The Friends” is not a fundraising group, where possible it supports groups within the school to raise money for their causes and support the general development of the school where possible.

What “The Friends” offers for Gateways Parents

FOG put on events and opportunities for socialising with other parents and corporate support (such as visibility at events, tax relief and recognition through publications).

Get involved with “The Friends”

If you would like to be involved please email:




Volunteer your time to support the development, organisation, promotion, setting up and dismantling of events.


Offer support via donations, skills or business discounts and products.

FOG Christmas Fayre 2017