High School & Sixth Form Reports 24-11-2017



Gateways 12 – 20 Roundhay

The first half of the game saw Gateways staying firmly in the running for victory, some strong attacking play from Taliya Murray and Alessia Teoli meant Maia Walker had several successful scoring opportunities; supported in the circle by Jess Tully, who assisted well with passing the ball around the circle creating space with some good movement.  Lucy Falk was a solid force within the defensive end, turning the ball over by making several interceptions. Millie Rueben also demonstrated some strong defensive play, marking her player well and managing to upset their oppositions flow by tipping the ball. Despite fighting hard the gap widened as the game progressed and the final score saw Gateways behind by 8. The match had lots of positives to bring to the next training session and a clear focus on what needs more work.

Player of Match: Taliya Murray



Gateways 8 – Roundhay 20


Roundhay took the lead early on, they had a strong GA who dominated in their attacking half and the Gateways defence just could not hold her off. Ellie Buck, who played a variety of positions impacted well by making several interceptions  and gaining possession for Penny Leech and Sarah Bentley to shine in the shooting circle. Annabelle Lee was also great in the attack. Dodging well, she was able to get free for the ball and aid the movement down the court. More work needs to be done on defending strategies and all the team would benefit from displaying more aggression (in a positive way) when going for the ball.

Player of the Match: Helen Ebai



Gateways 20 – 23 Corpus Christi


Corpus arrived armed with a large squad and several vocal supporters the tension was high in the sportshall. The match was the first round of Black Prince knock out competition, and Corpus came armed to win. Halftime saw Gateways in the lead with the score line at 12-9.  Millie Wright and Lauren Falk were formidable, playing the ball at speed down the court and displaying their usual, almost psychic ability to read where each other will be.  This lead however could not be maintained into the second half of the game, the pace of Gateways attacking play slowed, creating opportunities for Corpus to turn the ball over. With no substitutions the girls began to tire. The eventual score saw Gateways down by 3 goals.




U12 were expecting to play their first league fixture, however the opposition had to cancel this. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to see them in a competitive situation, a friendly tournament style fixture was arranged against Corpus Christi. Still developing their skills and with a squad of 13 willing girls, the match was used as a training opportunity. Some of the Gateways girls were experiencing a competitive match for the first time ever. As the matches progressed so did the skill acquisition and understanding of the rules, with Ella Neale displaying the necessary skills to be an effective defender. Poppy Cavanagh and Lucy Sherman showed versatility, playing a variety of position. With lots to work on in future practices the number of girls wanting to be included in the school team is very encouraging.

Players of the Matches: Poppy Cavanagh and Lucy Sherman.