High School & Sixth Form Reports 29-3-2018


Gateways 6– 10 Abbeygrange

The U12 finished off their varied season in the Leeds school league, in a match away to Abbeygrange. A good performance was displayed by all; lots of good defensive interceptions and disruption to the Abbeygrange attacking play. With several of the squad’s players unable to play, Izzy and Lucy Dyer filled the positions. They played with a determination and dynamic pace that didn’t see them looking out of place on the court amongst a team of girls one year above.   It has been great to see the U12 development this season, especially Natasha Harris who has taken on board all she has been told and has made huge improvement in her footwork. She is now a force to be reckoned with in the defending circle. There is still a lot to develop especially in regards to shooting and scoring goals, something that will be worked on throughout the off season sessions during the summer term and into the new season in September.

Player of Match: Lucy Dyer

Their final league position was 4th place this season, well done to all the girls that have contributed to that success during the season.


Gateways 9 – 5 Abbeygrange

A good win for the U13 was enough to see them bump up to 4th place in the league. Ellie Buck was instrumental again in centre court, making several crucial interceptions to turn the game in Gateways favour. Annabelle Lee, played well as GS, tasked with the role of working the ball in to Penny Leech, the teams only confident shooter. She played this role well, using speed and spatial awareness to create space for Penny, she also has an eye for a well-timed and executed pass.

Player of the Match: Ellie Buck

Final league standing 4th position.


U15 A  – After an unbeaten season they finished the Leeds School league as winners, 5 points ahead of PHGS who were runners up, with a goal difference 136 goals. Scoring an impressive 165 goals all season and only letting in 25. They have had a remarkable season once again, although the season is now over, they will continue to train through the summer term in order to keep up momentum and the drive towards national school again as U16 next season. They will also play some friendlies so we certainly haven’t heard the last of them for this academic year.

Seniors – after a somewhat disrupted season the seniors have found themselves in 2nd place at the end of the season in the Leeds School league, well done to all have played a part in this.


To end the netball season for both high school and prep school teams, a friendly was arranged between the U11 A versus the U13’s and the U11 B versus the U12’s. This proved to be a nice introduction to the high school for the L3 in preparation for September; an opportunity to see the level of play in high school and also bring together the girls they will train with when they become U3. The score for the first match was 2-1 to the U12’s. Both teams played with a nice friendly attitude, supporting and encouraging each other. The U11 showed success in moving the ball quickly around the centre court with determined efforts to find space. The U12 took the upper hand in their ability to feed the ball into the shooting circle and pass off to find the best shooting position. In the match between the U11 A’s and U13 was a game of two halves, with a few key L4 missing initially the U11 took an early lead, ending the first half in the lead 7-0. Lucy Dyer in centre court was unstoppable and Izzy Dyer and Millie Edge worked well as the team’s shooters, following up rebounds and maximising goal scoring opportunities. The arrival of Penny Leech and Ellie Buck for the second half proved to be a turning point for the U13, the dynamic movement of Ellie in centre court unsettled the flow of the U11 and with Penny’s skilful movement of the ball around the circle, it was very difficult for Elle Johnson and Sienna Cooper to make an interception, despite their best efforts. The U13 were super impressed with the ability level of the U11 side, commenting on their speed of play and eagerness in going for every ball. They certainly found the game harder than they thought and came off feeling like they had done a good workout trying to keep pace with the younger side. Players of the match were:

U11 B –          Grace Bentley

U12 –              Savannah Warner

U11 A –          Lucy Dyer

U13 –              Penny Leech