High School & Sixth Form Sports Report 20-11-2017

U15 As Leeds schools invitation tournament.

Gateways 23-2 PHGS 2

Gateways 25 – 4 Woodhouse Grove 2

Gateways 23 – 0 GSAL 3

Gateways 22 – 1 St Mary’s

Gateways 23 – 4 Fulneck
Semi final Gatways 14 – GSAL 9

Final Gatways 11 – 9 Woodhouse Grove

Taking a strong lead early on in the group stages matches allowed the team to use the second half of the games to explore some different positional play, working on developing and strengthen the adaptability  of the team. Eva and Isla challenged themselves by moving into the shooting circle and feeling the pressure of all eyes on them when they placed a shot up. As a Defender usually, Isla in particular relished the opportunity to see the games from the opposite end of the court. She demonstrated some impressive attaching play, holding her position well and calling for the over head pass, she also scored a few goals. Jenna also swapped ends of the court, moving from the comfort of her usual shooting position to the defending end, making many interceptions, she showed that she really can play any position on court with equal effectiveness.

After a victorious round in the group stages, with the team racking up some pretty impressive scores; averaging a goal every 25 secs in some matches, they advanced to the semi final. Here they faced GSAL, as local rivals the nerves were obvious as the girls started to recall previous matches. After a shaking start where the girls nerves were prevalent, they then managed to pull themselves up and took the lead in the first half. They maintained and advanced on the lead during the second half and the game ended with Gateways as victors. This saw them head into the final against Woodhouse Grove. We knew this would be a tough match and we needed to make every possessional opportunity  count. The match was closely contested throughout, with Gateways taking the lead by a few goals and Woodhouse pulling it back to within one goal. As the host school they had the spectators on their side; to keep your head in the game and not crack when everyone around you wants you to fail is a very hard thing to do. However the girls were tremendous, not allowing the pressure to get to them too much keeping their composure and then continuing to fight on. Winning the game 11-9 in the end. A purely wonderful team effort, with brilliant performances from all the team. Player of the tournament goes to the whole team; after all it takes a team to win it.