High School & Sixth Form Sports Report 8-06-2018

Monday 5th June

Harrogate Ladies College

U13 6 ½ – 19 ½

With a large number of girls keen to play in the team we took a squad of 12 which was fantastic. The team showed improvement from their last game in terms of their decision making and tactical awareness. There was some great bowling by Poppy Cavanagh and Madeleine Lee fielded well over great distance and with accuracy. Savannah Warner was confident at 2nd with her catching and stopping the opposition from scoring. Unfortunately, despite everyone trying hard and with some goof hitting, especially Freya Simpson who hit a long shot, HLC were to strong a challenge in both their fielding which limited the progress around the bases the girls to make and also with exceptional hitting.

Player of the match Tilly-Rose Cundale

U13 4 ½ – 13

Captained by Ellie Buck, the team had a mixed game. There were elements of strong hitting and fielding was controlled and decisive. Penny Leech hit extremely well and was unfortunate with being caught out early in the second innings. Ellie’s bowling was consistent and once again Penny showed exceptional skill in the distance her throws can travel. Despite some good fielding and batting throughout the two innings, they failed to put pressure on the opposition. Focus for future training needs to be on generating more power in their hits and becoming more skillful with their placement of the ball.

Player of the match Helen Ebai


 Tuesday 5th June


Gateways v Horsforth

3 ½            11 ½

Wednesday 6th June


U15 Leeds school tournament


Pudsey Grangefield 5 ½ – 4 ½ Gateways

Farnley Academy 4 – 4 ½ Gateways

Roundhay 5 ½  – 5

Winning one and narrowly losing two, the team had a mixed afternoon. Fielding was a strength with Sara Hussein strong at back stop and Holly Turner deep fielding with her strong throws both fed the ball accurately to Libby Bruce at 2nd often preventing the opposition scoring ½ rounders. One tense moment during a match came in the first game when, having fielded well and getting 6 of the 9 players out Gateways went into the batting innings need to score 6 rounders from 20 balls to win the match. Despite some well hit balls, the team struggled to get beyond 2nd base and therefore only scoring ½ rounders at best. After 19 good balls the score sat with Gateways needing to score one rounders to level the score Harriet Ashton made the tactical decision of taking a no ball which then allowed Holly Turner to take the last ball of the match. She made good contact the ball and it travelled well through the air and she successfully managed to make it round to 2nd, however she took a risk as a full rounder was needed to level the score, which would have allowed Gateways to win the match based on the number of players they got out during their fielding innings.