High School Sports Report 22-06-2018

Monday 18th June

St Aidans

U14 9 – 12 ½

Gateways batted first and showed their dominance in batting, scoring 7 of the points from whole rounders. Penny and Sapphi were the big hitters of the day, both striking the ball with power and good placement. Sapphi was also strong in field, playing as backstop she made quick decisions about where to send the ball and took a couple of catches. Sarah Bentley was unfortunate with some catches, however she did manage to stop the ball travelling further and therefore help the batter at second base. Helen Ebai was a effective at 2nd, commanding the game and helping the team make the decision about where to pass.

Player of the match Helen Ebai


U15 15 – 13 ½

Umpiring the U14 match meant I did not get to see the entire game, In order to help me to create the match report I asked the girls how the game went and how they felt they had played, below are the comments which I think sum up the game very well;

“Great fielding, we got people out with catches and quick decision making”

“Holly was awesome”

“Charlie took a catch” (this was Charlie’s comment)

“Jenna made some big hits”

“Lucy was a lefty”

Well played girls, it sounded like you had enjoyed it.

Player of the match: Holly Turner, she was praised by the opposition teacher who said she was an amazing rounders player.


Tuesday 19th June


Gateways 14 v 11 ½  Horsforth

A super game that remained very tight throughout, Gateways were in first to bat. Hitting the ball consistently, they were able to set the challenge of 5 ½ rounders. With some excellent fielding, particularly Penny who chased after the ball and fielded it back in to Poppy who was faultless with her catches on 4th the team were able to hold Horsforth to 5 rounders. The girls were feeling confident going into the second innings, however they were reminded that ½ a rounders is not that much of a lead and therefore they still needed a good batting innings. Horsforth fielded well and the team struggled to get beyond second base, so only scoring ½ rounders even with big hits. The second innings ended with the score 8-8, with 10 mins left before the opposition needed to depart we then played a third timed innings of 5 minutes. When batting, Gateways found ‘their arm’ and scored 6 full rounders. The final scoring ending with Gateways as victorious.


Player of the match: Ellie Buck, although Penny Leech was also commended by the oppositions teacher for her incredible throws.