Prep Sports Report 27-04-2018

Wednesday 25th April 2018

The Gateways U11 Rounders Festival took place this week and, despite rain in Ilkley, rain in Leeds and rain in Harrogate, Harewood remained dry throughout the afternoon! 7 schools took part with a total of 13 teams spread across five pitches on the direst parts of the grounds! It was an excellent occasion where emphasis was placed upon participation and learning. Although the final score of each fixture was occasionally read out, more often than not the children simply shook hands and moved onto their next match which was lovely to see. The three Gateways teams all performed extremely well with their all-round play improving markedly as the afternoon progressed and we now look forward to our next fixtures with real optimism!

Thank you to all the schools who took part and to all the staff and students who made it such an enjoyable event.