Prep Sports Report 8-06-2018

U8ABC Gateways Rounders Festival –  (Tuesday 5th June)

Result – No scores recorded

Another lovely afternoon of competition combined with fun where traditional rounders was adapted to allow our younger children have a go.

8 teams took part from 5 schools with a bowler being replaced by a tee for the batters to hit off. This not only allowed the batters a much better chance of striking the ball but, also gave the fielding team a real taste of what was required in order to stop the batter from scoring.

All teams competing progressed both in their basic striking and fielding skills as well as their tactical awareness of the game with the Gateways children making massive strides.

Well done to all the teams who took part.


U11A&B Rounders v Cundall Manor Tournament (Wednesday 6th June)

Result –

U11A 3rd in group

U11B 3rd in group

This was an afternoon of ‘what might have been?’ for both our U11 sides as they both won two matches and lost two matches and narrowly missed out on progressing to the semi-finals.

Although the children were a little disappointed it should be noted that all the parents watching were astounded at the progression that we have made this season in our fielding and batting skills but, most importantly, our tactical awareness of the game.

What we achieve, for a small school, is nothing short of remarkable, and the children should be congratulated for their commitment to improve and their efforts across the course of the whole year.

Thank you to Cundall Manor who put on another lovely event and we can also thank the weather that’s, so far, been very kind to us this summer!