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Why Prep School?

It is well known that the benefits of an independent education are cumulative and that they make most difference to outcomes for children the earlier the investment in them is made. The small class sizes in Prep regularly see the the children outperform their peers in other schools, including other independent schools, having started at the same baseline.



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A Day in the life of ...

Nicholas in Prep School


This morning my mum dropped me off at Earlybirds as she had to be in work early. I usually play with my friend Jamie before we walk to the Prep building together.


My first lesson is science. At the moment we are studying volcanoes and layers of the earth, including fossils. This lesson we learnt that a fossil is made when water and minerals replace the bones of the dead animal but keep the shape of the skeleton.


Break time is one of my favourite times of the day. We usually play games outside. If it's muddy we wear our wellies. My favourite games are tig and blocky. I like playing with my friends from other year groups


I have maths with Mrs Wallis. Today we start the lesson by playing maths bingo - if the answer to the question is one of our numbers then we cross it off. The first one to get all 6 is the winner. Mrs Wallis knows how to make maths fun!


This afternoon I have PE which is one of my favourite subjects. Today we are playing football. Mr Scholfield helps us learn different skills such as how to dribble, shoot and to be a good goalkeeper.


Today I have Karate after school. I go every week and I am currently a red belt. I like the pad work, it's my favourite part. My mum picks me up after Karate - I'm always ready for my tea!

What's happening in Prep School?


31st January 2020

Feb Half Term holiday...

We have some fantastic clubs happening at Gateways this half term including : Stir Krazy Kids – Chinese New Year cooking workshops : Stir Krazy Kids is a holiday club for food...

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24th January 2020

New Art Studio coming...

Our new open plan Art Studio has been given the go ahead and we are hoping to have this facility ready to use in the summer term this year. Once it’s ready,...

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30th September 2019

2019/2020 Newsletters

All our latest news is contained in our weekly newsletters : 2020 Spring Term 1 w/c 7.2.19 w/c 31.1.20 w/c 24.1.20 w/c 17.1.20 w/c 10.1.20 ————————————————————————————— 2019 Autumn Term 2 w/c 13.12.19...

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