5 tips for standing out in your UCAS application

3rd November 2016

  1. Prepare in advance: “arrange work experience placements, undertake background reading, join relevant societies and research appropriate professional bodies as early as you can. These will all add strength to your statement” (Marlene Sharrock, Librarian and Careers Advisor)
  2. Spend time on it: “The Personal Statement is one of the most important areas of your application and provides an opportunity for you to set yourself apart from other applicants. Although you will have various members of staff who will be able to look over the statement and offer advice, putting in a great deal of time and effort will give you the best Personal Statement possible.” (Mr Martin Davison, Head of Sixth Form)
  3. Make it subject specific: “Your Personal Statement should be 65%-75% about your intended subject, including why you want to study the subject and what you have done in the past to make you particularly suitable to study that subject.”(Martin Davison, Head of Sixth Form)
  4. Don’t just list achievements: “Explain why each achievement is important to you and reflect on your experience, demonstrating how it helped you to develop relevant skills.” (Marlene Sharrock, Librarian and Careers Advisor)
  5. Evidence your independent learning skills: “Show that you are an individual. Evidence your critical thinking skills and skills as an independent learner including details of your EPQ study. These are all skills that will be directly transferable to your university course” (Marlene Sharrock, Librarian and Careers Advisor)