Gateways School does “Hell’s Kitchen”! - Gateways School

On Friday 17th November, some senior staff at Gateways School will be taking over the kitchen to prepare lunch service for the whole school!  Dr Johnson, Mrs Wallis, Mrs Titman, Mrs Wood and Mrs Bartle will be putting on their Chef’s Whites (and some entertaining headwear) all in aid of BBC Children in Need and the school charity, Martin House Hospice for Children and Young People.

However, they are not putting themselves at the whim of Wayne (aka Gordon Ramsay) for nothing – money must be raised by you the Gateways Community to support these two worthy causes.

So the deal goes as follows – the lunch served to the children and staff on Friday will depend on the amount of money raised by noon on Thursday 16th November!

Up to £500 – lunch will consist of Broccoli and Celery Soup with Green Olive and Anchovy Bread – and that is it.  Nothing else. Nada.

Once we hit £500 – we will upgrade the soup and bread to Tomato & Basil soup with mini pasta and cheesy bread.

Between £500 & £750 – we will provide a main course as well – Fish pie or cold veggie terrine with a selection of very ‘interesting’ salads and plain baked potatoes!

If we reach £750 then the main course will become an American Themed Diner with all the trimmings, ‘normal’ salads, beans and cheese for the baked potatoes.

Between £750 & £1000 we will provide a pudding – Semolina and tinned peaches.

Once we hit £1000 we will upgrade the pudding to a waffle bar with all the trimmings and Smartie cookies on the side!

Over £1000 the drinks will be upgraded from water to a variety of flavoured juices.

And at £1500 the senior staff involved will clean the tables at the end of service.

If we hit the grand total of £2000, we’ll do it all … in our pyjamas!

So everyone – over to you – just click on one of the images below to choose which charity you would like your donation to go to and we’ll get cooking!



or text 70070 with the code GWAY78 followed by your donation amount.





or text 70070 with the code GWAY68 followed by your donation amount.






Even just £5 donated per child in the school will raise around £2000 so the kids don’t need to suffer on Friday 17th!

Thanks in advance for your support…

Dr J, Mrs Wallis, Mrs Titman, Mrs Wood and of course Mrs Sparkles!