Independent education – more affordable than you think!

29th March 2017

Many parents rule out choosing an independent education for their child on a simple misconception that all independent school fees are upwards of the £30K a year figure.

Whilst this of true of many boarding schools, the fees at an independent day school are in fact more like a third of that headline figure.

And with government incentives such as the 15 hours of Funded Early Education Entitlement (FEEE) and Childcare Vouchers, a place in Reception at a very good independent school could cost parents just £344* per month.

Here’s how it works at Gateways:

Total contribution to the monthly fee = £166 + £243 + £243 = £652

Shortfall to be paid by parents = £4

Total cost to parents = £340 (For the two Childcare Vouchers) + £4 (Shortfall) = £344

There are many well-known benefits to choosing an independent education for your child and the March edition of Northside contains a very good, impartial article on just some of these.  Click here to read the article.

If you’d like to visit an independent school to see exactly what we can offer you and your child, then I would be delighted to welcome you to visit Gateways.   Just call us on 0113 288 6345 and quote B317 to book your visit.

*These figures are calculated on the basis of payment of income tax at the basic rate.