An Interview with Reception Class

23rd March 2017

We interviewed Lewis, Honor, Olive and Jacob to see how they are enjoying Reception class so far.

What do you like best about Reception class so far?

Honor: Being the star helper! If we do good stuff then we get to be the star helper.

Olive: It has to be super good!

Lewis: I like playing with the Lego in Reception. Also we’ve got frogspawn, chicks and caterpillars at the moment!

What can you do now that you couldn’t do in Pre-Reception?

Honor: I couldn’t do froggy legs which is how you hold your pencil to write.

Jacob: I’ve learnt to do froggy legs and capital J’s.

Olive: When I was in Pre-Reception I couldn’t write my name and I just did scribbles. Now I can write my name.

Jacob: I can write my name too.

What is your favourite subject in Reception?

Olive: Chicks!

Honor: I love phonics.

Jacob: In phonics we learnt capital letters and full stops. We also do guided reading.

Olive: My favourite story is “Laura’s Secrets!”

Is Miss Ellison a good teacher?

All: Yes!!

Olive: She chooses a star helper and she let us go to the theatre yesterday.

Honor: She makes phonics fun.

What do you want to be when you’re older?

Lewis: I want to be a racing driver and play football.

Honor: I want to be a nurse and a midwife.

Olive: I’m going to be a police lady.

Jacob: I want to be a tractor driver.