An Interview with our Year 7 pupils…

22nd November 2016

An interview with nine of our year 7 pupils to see how their first term at Gateways High School has been so far…

Interviewees: Sophie, Daisy, Sapphi, Maimi, Mayah, Rida, Annabelle, Holly & Aaliyah

How has your first term at Gateways High School been so far?

Maimi: Fun! I liked working out my way around the school when I got lost. It’s really fun and the teachers are nice. Nobody is super strict!

Holly: I have really enjoyed it. My brother said I would get lots of detentions but I haven’t had a single one! I have really enjoyed it so far and I like the teachers.

Annabelle: I have enjoyed it a lot. I thought I would get loads of homework but it hasn’t been that bad! We have more than we used to in primary school but it’s ok.

Rida: I like meeting new people. We have had lots of people joining the original Prep class and I like getting to know the older girls in high school too. I enjoy the lessons.

What have you enjoyed most about High School so far?

Aaliyah: The thing I most like is getting to know people in general because I didn’t know anyone when I came but I have made loads of new friends.

Mayah: I have enjoyed staying with all my friends who have come up through Prep and having more friends here who I didn’t know before.

Daisy: I quite like to study with my friend Izzy in second break. In Prep you had to go and play outside unless it was an indoor break. Now you can do anything you like.

Maimi: It is quite scary going from being the oldest in a school to being the youngest. You’re like the babies again.

Daisy: I really like having house sisters. It’s someone older than you that you feel comfortable talking to. It’s nice to see them walking past you in the corridor and you can stop and have a chat.

Sophie: my house sisters are Raphaela and Lucy. They are really funny and they have the same interests as me. We all love Harry Potter.

How did you find settling into High School?

Sapphi: I found it quite easy because everybody is so nice and the teachers didn’t make you feel like uncomfortable they made the lessons fun.

Daisy: I like that in the first few weeks the teachers understood you were new. They didn’t give you too much homework and made the lessons easy for you to settle in. Also you get priority for lunch for the first few weeks which is really good!

Maimi: The teachers are really nice to you. At some schools teachers are nice to you when you come and then it changes a couple of weeks in. The teachers have stayed nice so I think it’s genuine!

Annabelle: I found it quite easy because all the teachers are really nice and I feel like I’ve been here for ages because everyone is so nice to me and I’ve made a lot of new friends.

What is the biggest difference between Gateways High School and Gateways Prep/your previous Primary School?

Holly: You get a lot more homework. We used to get one or two pieces a week in Prep and now we have about 6 or 7. Sometimes I enjoy that though. Most of the homework is quite fun.

Aaliyah: The biggest difference is that in primary school you normally have one building but now you get to go outside, get some fresh air and go to different buildings.

Maimi: In my previous school the teachers just spoke to you and it was like you were in a meeting but now the teachers are more interactive.  We used to sit in the same room all day and now we move around.

Sophie: We have more subjects now as well. In Prep we just had science but now we have Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Physics is my favourite lesson.

Daisy: In Prep we had the whole class together but now the class gets split in half for lessons which is nice because you have different lessons with different people.

Do you have any tips for pupils joining Gateways High School in year 7?

Sophie: Be prepared for lots of homework!

Daisy: Don’t be nervous – it’s not as bad as you expect it to be! You still get to have fun!

Maimi: Don’t be nervous about getting lost in school because it’s going to happen. It doesn’t matter if you are late in the beginning if you don’t know the way around school because the teachers understand.

Mayah: Stay on top of your homework, try to do it that night! Do not stay up until 10 o clock doing your homework – it’s a bad idea!

Rida: Don’t be scared to make a mistake because you will learn from it. The teachers will help you not to do it again.

Annabelle: Don’t be scared about not being friends with anyone because everyone is really nice and friendly.

Holly: Be organised with your books and your homework in your planner.

Aaliyah: My advice would be not be scared to interact with people and get to know people.

Mayah: Don’t forget to ask your mum to sign your planner!

Sophie: Don’t use your phone when you’re not allowed to or you’ll get it taken off you!