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Gateways launches scholarships for children of Key Workers (Years 9,10 and 12)

To say thank you to Key Workers, we are offering a limited number of Foundation Scholarships to children of Key Workers.

Following our successful Sixth Form Scholarship offer in 2020, we are now expanding the Scholarship to include years 9 and 10 in High School as well as continuing the offer to Sixth Form pupils.

The scholarships are available to the sons and daughters of Key Workers who are looking to enter Year 9 in September 2021 and the daughters of Key Workers who are looking to enter Year 10 or Sixth Form in September 2021.  Please note: Years 10 – 12 are girls only year groups whereas  Years 7, 8 and 9 are all  co-educational year groups.

The scholarships will be means-tested, with up to 100% of the full school fee up for reduction.

Gateways High School prides itself on the bespoke education and small class sizes it offers all pupils. The average GCSE class size is 9-10 pupils which enables  pupils to achieve  the best results possible. Sixth Form is a single-sex girls-only environment, known for its small class sizes and personalised education.  With the average A Level class sizes of around just 4, every pupil receives individual attention throughout the duration of their course.  The pupils also benefit from many leadership opportunities as the role models of the school and they have the opportunity to be involved in organizing whole school events and taking part in many extracurricular activities. 

Headmistress Dr Tracy Johnson comments:

“Throughout the two periods of school closures, Gateways remained open to our current pupils whose parents are Key Workers and we have therefore been particularly mindful of everything that this group of society has done for us all recently.  From our emergency services, food delivery personnel, supermarket front line staff, postal workers and through of course to everyone involved in any way with the NHS to name just a few, Gateways wants to say “thank you”.  By offering a world-class GCSE and A- Level education to the children of these special individuals we hope to give something back to this amazing group of people.  To welcome their children into Gateways and to see them taking advantage of all that a Gateways education can do for them would be an enormous privilege for us all.”

To register your interest, click the relevant button below or call Admissions on  0113 288 6345.  

Click here to register for our Sixth Form Key Worker Scholarship

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