Why should parents choose a school based nursery from the age of 2?

28th October 2016

The Government has called for more formal, structured learning in England’s nurseries and playgroups and advocated schools as the best place for this.  At Gateways School we deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and children begin their education with us at two years old.

The Gatehouse Nursery is a purpose built environment for two year olds. It is a place where children can learn, explore, and investigate in a safe and nurturing environment.  Upon entering the Gatehouse it is clear to see the appeal to the little ones.  The use of space, resources and activities are set up so that little ones stumble from one learning opportunity to another without realising it. Experienced and knowledgeable practitioners are on hand to support and encourage learning and development.  They know each individual child and offer quality learning experiences.

Pre-reception offers opportunities which prepare children for Reception class.  They are housed in Littlegates; a challenging learning space which broadens and invites children to develop the skills they need to thrive and achieve.  There is a strong emphasis on preparing children for school.  Social skills, literacy and numeracy are given a high priority.  Carefully planned and structured learning opportunities are delivered by a team of quality early years professionals.

A seamless transition occurs when children enter Reception class.  They are ready for the next stage in their education and are fully aware of the expectations, having witnessed them on a daily basis throughout their time in Pre-reception.  They are eager to get going, having already absorbed much of what happens in Reception class due to their close proximity with the Reception Suite.  The Reception Suite offers a wealth of challenges and experiences to promote a love of learning and an attitude to achieve.

Being part of a school means everyone wears a uniform, has lunch in the dining room, and uses the sports facilities, dance studio, theatre and acres of outdoor space. This contributes to a child’s confidence, self esteem and sense of belonging.  At Gateways children are not cocooned in their environment rather they are awash with opportunity for stretch and challenge.  They know very early on in which direction they are heading and embrace the opportunities without hesitance.

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a respected educational model worldwide.  It supports and values the importance of early education and the dividends this pays.  At Gateways School our early year’s departments are filled with busy, happy, children engaged in purposeful learning opportunities designed to enable them to thrive and reach their full potential. These children become accustomed to structure and routine very early in their educational journey. As a result the transition to formal schooling in the Prep School happens almost without comment; the trauma of transition is successfully replaced by the excitement of new experiences in safe and familiar surroundings.


Post written by Mrs Carol Bartle, Head of Early Years at Gateways School.