5 Eggcellent Arts and Crafts to Get Stuck into this Easter

The Easter holidays are finally here, and what better way to hop into the Easter spirit with some eggcellent arts and crafts projects that the whole family can enjoy?

Whether you want to decorate your home or make some thoughtful gifts for loved ones, there’s no limit to what you can create with basic supplies from around the house. 

With Easter being a time for getting eggstradordinarily creative, we have rounded up 10 easy crafts that are perfect for spring. So gather your little ones, grab your craft supplies, put on your best pair of bunny ears, and dive into these eggcellent Easter masterpieces!

1. Easter Wreath

You will need: Coloured paper, cardboard, scissors, string, paint, colours markers and items for decorating

Take cardboard and cut out a circle to make a ‘wreath’ shape. Then cut out egg shapes from different coloured paper, decorate them with anything you have handy such as coloured markers, paint, glitter, or decorations, and then glue them onto the cardboard wreath base you have created. Attach string to the cardboard wreath so that you can hang it up.

Video credit: TheLittleCrafties

2. Easter Egg Garland

You will need: Coloured paper, scissors, decorative items, string or ribbon 

Cut out egg shapes from colourful paper and string them together with string to make a festive garland.

A great thing about this craft is that you can also make an ‘upcycled’ garland using cards you may already have as in the video below.

Video credit: makefunthingsTV

3. Easter Egg Sun Catcher

You will need: Sticky back plastic, tissue paper, string or ribbon 

Cut out egg shapes from clear sticky back plastic, decorate them with tissue paper, and hang them in a sunny window for a beautiful Easter decoration.

Video credit: OrientalTrading

4. Easter Carton Chicks

You will need: Cardboard egg carton, paint, googly eyes, cardboard base (if you want to create a scene)

Cut out individual cups from a cardboard egg carton, paint them yellow, and add feet and beaks and googly eyes to make cute chicks. You can also glue them onto a cardboard base to make a little Easter scene.

Video credit: AmyHuntley

5. Easter Sponge Painting

You will need: Sponges, scissors, paint, paper, decorative items

If you have spare sponges, cut them into Easter shapes (like eggs and bunnies), and use them to paint colourful shapes onto paper. Once the pain has dried, you can decorate cool designs with markers, more paint, paper and glitter!

Video credit: ABCDeeLearning

If you give any of these ideas a go, then send in your photos of your finished work on our social media pages!