What is Gateways like?

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Size Matters

Gateways is a small school as a matter of choice. We believe in the numerous benefits that come with our size. Investment into keeping class sizes small, our subject offering wide and our facilities up to date is of paramount importance at Gateways.

As one of our parents commented;

‘The teachers are wonderful;¬† very nurturing and focused on individual development. I am impressed by the teacher/pupil ratio and the wide range of subjects offered in such a small school.”


Thrive at Gateways

A question I am often asked by prospective parents and pupils is, “Why Gateways?” To those that know us well the answer is obvious – at Gateways, every child is known and every child thrives as a result.” – Dr Tracy Johnson, Head

Individual Attention

At Gateways, our small class sizes and high staff to pupil ratio allow us to offer a bespoke and personalised education which caters to the individual learner. Each child is known and understood and relationships between pupils and staff members are excellent.

Academic Excellence

Gateways prides itself on the education of the whole person, and is proud to be regularly placed in the top ten schools nationally for value added.

The reason for this is simple. Small class sizes and a focus on the individual lead to exceptional value added. This is further demonstrated by the fact that pupils from Gateways, a non-selective school, often achieve results which outperform surrounding schools that are academically selective.

To read more about our results please click here.


Value Strengths

At Gateways we value and stretch our pupils according to their strengths.

We celebrate all achievements of our pupils, both inside and outside of school, academic and non-academic. Prep School holds a merit assembly every week, and subject awards and sports awards assemblies take place in high school every term. In addition our weekly newsletter regularly records achievements of our pupils (and staff!)


Support Weakness

We recognise the weaknesses of each of our pupils and work with them to support or overcome these.



Parents are offered the opportunity to screen children from the age of 6. For any pupils identified as having special educational needs during their time at school, an individual learning programme can be put in place by our experienced SEN team. For pupils who may just require a little additional help, subject clinics are available and times can be set up between individuals and teachers to cover any missed or difficult content.


Caring Community

Parents, pupils and staff at Gateways know each other across the school, providing a supportive community environment for all. Throughout the school, vertical grouping is encouraged among pupils. The house system, which pupils enter upon joining Gateways, helps to facilitate this. We have a very strong home-school partnership from the Gatehouse Nursery through to our Sixth Form.

At Gateways we pride ourselves on our pastoral care. Designated staff members are responsible for pastoral care across the school. We have a school nurse who is available throughout the day. Due to the increasing issue of mental health among young adults, a number of staff members have undertaken specific training in this area.


Wraparound Care

Care is available on site before school from 7.30am and after school until 6.00pm, in a designated building with staff employed by the school. Children in High School can attend homework club in the library (free of charge) until 6.00pm where they have access to computers and other resources.

Students are encouraged to immerse themselves fully in Gateways life through the vast array of extra-curricular activities on offer. These run before, during and after school hours and include a wide range of opportunities including sports, dance, karate, Combined Caded Force and Ultimate Frisbee.