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Old Gatewegians

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In this section

The Old Gatewegian Association (OGA) was originally established in 1989.


The aims of the Association are as follows:

  • To gather information on the past, present and future of Gateways that may be of interest to pupils and OGs.
  • To keep OGs informed of events at the school which may be of interest.
  • To produce an annual OGA e-newsletter.
  • To provide a point of contact for all OGs and a network of support and friendship as part of the overall Gateways community.

Sign up

If you are a former pupil and would like to join the Old Gatewegians Association, please complete the form below :


Email us

We would love to hear from our Old Gatewegians! If you have anything you would like to share with us, such as achievements, career news or life updates, please email us your contact details to oga@gatewaysschool.co.uk

Due to Covid restrictions, we have had to put many aspects of the OGA on hold over the past few years.  We are now wanting to grow our OGA database and would like your help to achieve this. Please share this link with any former Gateways pupils you are still in touch with and encourage them to join the OGA!  Thank you!