5 reasons to choose Gateways

It’s the perfect size
With just over 500 pupils (from age 2-18 years) we pride ourselves on being a small school. Investment is prioritised to keeping our class sizes small but our subject offering wide. As one parent commented in our recent parental survey: “Gateways is small enough to encourage individual confidence and to develop a child’s full potential while offering a high standard of academic teaching and excellent pastoral care.”

The individual matters
Our small class sizes and high staff to pupil ratio allow us to offer a bespoke and personalised education as tailored to the individual learner. Each child is known and relationships between pupils and staff members are excellent. Pupils are valued and stretched according to their strengths and supported through their weaknesses via subject clinics, extra sessions with teachers and our fantastic Learning Support team.

Excellent results
Gateways is not an academically selective school yet it achieves results in line with those that are. Click here to see our latest results summary.

A caring community
Parents, pupils and staff at Gateways know each other across the school, providing a supportive community environment for all. We have a very strong home-school partnership throughout the school. Within Gateways, vertical grouping is encouraged among pupils, and is facilitated by the house system. We are very proud of our pastoral care. As well as designated staff members including the school nurse (who is available throughout the day) we also have a number of staff members undergoing mental health first aid training due to the increasing issue in this area among young adults.

We celebrate our differences
We are very proud to be a multi-cultural school with a diverse intake and we celebrate this fact in many ways ranging from assemblies to themed lunches celebrating Chinese New Year and Passover for example. We are also very accommodating in respect of cultural and religious observance.