Benefits of Art as a Subject and Hobby

Some people dismiss the idea of studying art or pursuing it as a hobby unless there is an intention to become an artist. However, there is much more to art than making a career out of it, there are many different benefits that can be gained from art, these include:


Enjoyment and stress reduction

Having hobbies that you enjoy is an important part of your life and creative hobbies like art can be very relaxing, especially when there is no pressure on the end results. Many people find art therapeutic, a way to clear their mind of worries that they may have. A lot of other hobbies can be more stressful, for example, if you are competing or worried about your performance but art is a hobby that is more likely to reduce stress.


Stimulates creativity

As well as being creative with your artwork, having a creative hobby stimulates the parts of your brain that stimulate creativity, so it can help you to be more creative with other aspects of your life too. It could inspire you to be more creative with your writing or help you to have more creative ideas in other areas.


Enhances fine motor skills

Painting and drawing also help to enhance fine motor skills, as well as improve hand-eye coordination. It is also good for developing problem-solving skills.


Boosts self-esteem

Even if you are not particularly talented at art, you should get a sense of accomplishment when you finish a piece, which can boost your self-esteem. As you start to improve, you will also get a greater sense of achievement from your artwork.


Helps to make you more observant

The more you paint or draw, the more you will start to concentrate on fine detail and pay more attention to your environment. Drawing and painting can help you to become more observant about the world around you.


Meet more people

When you enjoy and appreciate art, you can have more opportunities to connect with like-minded people. You could join an art club at school or join art classes at a college when you leave school. You might even want to go to art events and galleries, where you could meet some interesting people who share your passion for art.


Hobbies are good for your university application/CV

Having hobbies give you an interesting topic to talk about in interviews, and hobbies like art can also give you an advantage on a university application or a CV when you start applying for jobs. It shows people that you are creative and are passionate about completing projects, among other traits.


Being artistic can help with the visual presentation of work

When you have an eye for art, this will help you to display and present information and content in an aesthetically pleasing format, which will help with creating documents and other visual content for projects and assessments.


At Gateways, we are passionate about art and providing pupils with many opportunities to explore their creative sides.  Art is introduced in Nursery; children use a variety of materials to express themselves and make some fabulous creations from Nursery through Littlegates and into Prep School where art lessons then take on a more structured format.

In High School, pupils take part in art lessons throughout the year on a carousel along with other creative subjects. In Year 9 they then have an art lesson every week where they explore different topics such as architecture, portraiture and steampunk art; to learn about different styles and art forms. They then pick their options for GCSE/A level and can go down an art route in many directions, including the three courses we currently offer; art, craft and design, art textiles or photography. This is where the subject becomes more independent and pupils work on a personal project, exploring and developing their own ideas. They work towards the four assessment objectives of researching artists, experimenting with a range of techniques and materials, recording and refining their ideas and finally, creating a personal and meaningful response.

We have a fantastic art space in High School with a wide range of art materials and a photography area for those who are studying photography or digital art.  The Prep School benefits from a purpose-built art studio with an outdoor area creating the perfect environment for pupils to spend time nurturing their creative talents and develop a life-long hobby.

Our talented art teachers are passionate about their subject and share their experience and love of art with our pupils in lessons and extracurricular art sessions.

Look at some examples of our talented pupils’ recent work: