Benefits of our Prep School

Finding the right school for your child is so important to set them up for a bright and happy future. The years before starting high school are just as crucial in your child’s development as 11+; between the ages of 5 and 11, children build their passion for learning, so this stage is an integral part of the education journey.


Why choose Gateways Prep School?

Small class sizes and individual attention

Gateways Prep School provides children with a personalised education, where every child is given individual attention and teachers quickly get to know children’s individual abilities and learning styles. Our small class sizes enable teachers to spend more time with each pupil, ensuring they can progress at a faster rate than if they were in a large class.


A seamless education journey

Children who attend Gateways Prep School build up confidence and become familiar with the school life and the learning environment. This makes the transition into Gateways High School much easier, allowing pupils to seamlessly continue their education without the disruption of moving school or the daunting experience of starting at a large, unfamiliar school. The majority of our Year 6 curriculum is taught in the high school by high school teachers. This allows the pupils to become familiar with both the teaching staff and different areas of the school, making their transition to high school just as exciting but far less daunting.


Exciting enrichment and extra-curricular activities

Other benefits of attending Gateways Prep School include having the opportunity of our enrichment activities and the extensive extra-curricular programme, which helps children to discover talents and passions for activities from an early age. Activities such as sports, music, dance, drama and many other exciting options are available for children to explore their interests and find hobbies they love.


Specialist teaching

At Gateways Prep School, your child will benefit from specialist teaching, where subject specialists teach classes, rather than pupils having one generic teacher for all subjects., PE and Spanish are specialist taught subjects throughout the Prep School with the introduction of other subjects, such as Mandarin, starting in the Junior years.  This ensures that pupils are learning from enthusiastic, expert teachers with a passion and in-depth knowledge of the subject that they teach.


Opportunities to mix with the wider school

Small class sizes are ideal to create the optimum learning environment but our pupils also have the opportunity to socialise and mix with the wider school, helping to develop social skills and wider confidence outside of their classroom. This will also help them to easily adjust when they start High School, as they will already know many of the other pupils.


Excellent facilities

At Gateways, our facilities are of the highest standard; pupils can enjoy using the latest technology, experience our excellent sports facilities, spacious grounds and outdoor learning area as well as our newly refurbished dining room. Our Prep School is housed in its own area of the grounds, yet benefits from whole school facilities which ensure a vibrant and stimulating learning environment.


Book a visit to come and see our Prep School and meet some of the staff and pupils, so you can see why Gateways the perfect place to start your child’s education.