Benefits of Having a Small School Community

A small school community provides students with many different benefits especially when class sizes within the school are kept small. Pupils at larger schools may struggle with confidence when they are in large classes and feel daunted by the number of other pupils, while pupils at smaller schools often feel more relaxed and confident.

If you are considering which school is right for your child, the size of the school should definitely be an important factor.  Attending a small school can provide pupils with the following advantages:

Learning can be tailored 

With small classes, teachers can more easily monitor every pupil’s progress and tailor learning to each pupil. Teachers get to spend more individual time with each child, so they have a better idea of what they may need some extra support with. Pupils will also feel more confident talking to their teacher about any issues they are facing or areas of work they need some help with.

More social confidence

In smaller classes, pupils will usually feel more confident talking in front of a group. You also find with small schools, there is a greater sense of community and less cliques. The community spirit between pupils helps children to socially interact better and feel safe to try new things and discover new interests.

Teaching staff know their pupils better

At a school with a smaller community, teachers know more about their pupils, across their academic, emotional and even medical needs. Sometimes at larger schools, problems impacting a child’s mental health or other aspects of their life can be missed.

More inclusive

At smaller schools, unique characteristics are embraced more, whereas, at larger schools, children that are seen to be “different” can be singled out. Shy students can feel more relaxed about being around peers and they have a better chance of enjoying their school experience.

Pupils value learning

There will generally be a higher percentage of pupils who have a strong desire to learn. In larger schools, you are more likely to find some children are disengaged with learning and can disrupt learning for their peers.

Parents have a better relationship with the school

It is also easier for parents to be more involved in the school community, whether that is having a quick chat with their child’s teacher about their progress or getting involved with school events and social events. Many parents make friends with other parents or getting involved with events related to their hobbies.

Some children can do well at larger schools, while others can feel a bit lost amongst the masses. When you are choosing the right school for your child, you should take their personality into account and decide whether a small school community would be better to enable them to develop greater confidence and give them a better chance for development.

Gateways has an average class size limit of 14-18 pupils; at GCSE the average class size is 12 pupils and in Sixth Form, the average class size is just 5 pupils.  If you would like to experience our unique school community first-hand, and see how our pupils thrive in our small classes, we would love you to come and visit us. Our annual Open Day is held in October each year, alternatively click here to book a visit.