Why Choose Gateways for Your GCSEs

Gateways High School is a fantastic place to study GCSEs, providing exceptional educational opportunities and numerous additional benefits, such as an extensive extra-curricular programme. If you are considering which school is the best for you or your child, we recommend booking a visit to see why it stands out from other schools.

These are some of the key reasons to study GCSEs at Gateways:

Small class sizes

Our small class sizes enable our excellent teaching staff to spend more individual time with pupils and quickly identify any issues. Small classes also allow more opportunities for participating in class discussions and smaller breakout groups. Our classes are the optimal size for learning, helping pupils to progress faster than in larger class sizes. Teachers can work at a pace to suit all of the class, spending more time on any weaker areas of understanding.

Top-ranked for Value Added

One of the key performance indicators for schools is the Value Added score which reflects the progress pupils make while at the school. Gateways was the top-ranked school in the UK for Value Added in Science, Maths, Computer Science, Latin and PE, an achievement we are immensely proud of. This provides us with definitive confirmation that we offer our pupils the best possible chance of reaching their maximum potential and attaining the highest grades.

Wide range of subjects

Gateways can offer as wide a subject range as other schools, we can offer a subject even if there are very low numbers of pupils opting for it. We can usually accommodate requests for subjects that are less common so that pupils can do the subjects they want. Alongside the wide range of subjects, there is a full careers programme so that pupils can begin to plan for their future.

Excellent facilities

Our school is very fortunate to benefit from some of the best facilities that you will find in an education setting. We have exceptional sports facilities, a dance studio, a performing arts centre and an outdoor learning area, all located on one site in the rural setting of Harewood village near Leeds and Harrogate.  Our pupils can enjoy the use of our great facilities both in school and after school for extra-curricular activities.

Extra-curricular activities programme

We believe that children should be given as many opportunities as possible to discover activities that they enjoy doing and to develop talents such as playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, acting or playing sports. Our extensive offering of extra-curricular activities provides our pupils with the chance to find their lifelong hobbies and the activities that help them to be happy and healthy. This includes the opportunity to study extra-curricular music and drama alongside the GCSE course. In addition to extracurricular activities, there are plenty of great enrichment trips available including a year group residential to London with a visit to the Houses of Parliament, a top-rated theatre show and educational experiences.

Excellent exam results

Our exam results speak for themselves. In 2020, 100% of our GCSE results passed at grade 9-4, including English and Maths.  Find out more on our website here.

These are just some of the reasons why Gateways is a top choice for studying GCSEs, in addition to our exceptional results and highly qualified teaching staff. If you would like to find out more about how Gateways can help your child to develop, both academically and socially, please book a visit.

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