Open Day Checklist – what to expect and what to ask

During the Autumn term, many schools hold their Open Days. You want to make sure your child gets the best possible education, one that includes small class sizes and high-quality educational opportunities. We know that this is an exciting time for both you and your child, but it can also be overwhelming. After all, there are so many questions to ask, things to look out for and considerations that need to be taken into account when choosing the right school for you and your child.

Preparing for Open Day – What to Expect

Open Days are a chance for schools and colleges to showcase everything they have to offer. Here at Gateways, we love meeting prospective new pupils and parents and showing them around the school. We want to make sure that you leave with a sense of clarity and excitement about your child’s future with us, so come prepared with any questions you’d like and if there’s anything specific you would like to see on the tour, please let us know.

Before you arrive, take some time to browse our website and social media channels to get a sense of what kind of school we are and what we excel at.

Questions to Ask on Open Day

There will be various members of staff on hand to answer all your questions. You may be interested in certain elements of the curriculum, learning support, the school facilities, enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities available through the school. Of course, you’ll also be interested in the school’s academic track record and how our pupils have performed at A Level and GCSE over the past few years.

At Gateways, as well as your tour guide you will have the opportunity to meet some key members of staff at the end of the tour who you may have specific questions for.

A Tour of the Campus and Facilities

At our Open Day, you will be allocated a tour guide who will take you on a tour of the area of school you are interested in. We are very lucky to be based in such a beautiful countryside location with plenty of outdoor space; something we are extremely proud of and something the children love at Gateways. Whether you’re into basketball, tennis, dance, football or rugby, we have the space and equipment to keep your child active, educated and entertained. Our drama lessons often take part in the Performing Arts Centre which is a fantastic space not just for lessons but as a performance area for music or drama productions that showcase the talent and creativity of our pupils. Our well-stocked library is spread over two floors and is often the focal point for career events and talks. Finally, our modern dining area boasts a range of delicious and healthy options to fuel your children and their studies.

Talking to Teachers and Parents 

When it comes to ensuring the academic success of our children, talking to their teachers or the Heads of the relevant Key Stage is useful. Whether it’s discussing concerns about workload or seeking advice on how to approach particular academic challenges with your child, bringing these questions to the table is critical to ensure you have peace of mind. Another great way to find out more about a school is to talk to current parents about their experience with the school.

Understanding Extra-Curricular Activities and Services Offered by the School

Gateways School offers a multitude of extra-curricular activities and services that cater to pupils’ interests and needs. From after-school and lunchtime clubs to trips abroad, there are plenty of opportunities for students to explore new passions and learn new skills outside of the classroom. Enrichment activities such as the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), DofE and bushcraft, also allow pupils to delve deeper into their areas of interest and gain valuable knowledge. By participating in these activities, pupils not only supplement their education, but also develop important social skills, leadership abilities, and creativity.

We can’t wait to meet you and your child! Come along on Friday 4th October 2024. Bookings for our Open Day will open in July.