How Small Class Size Affects Class Discussion and Pupil Confidence

Class sizes in the UK are growing for both primary and secondary schools. A recent study has found that in 2019, class numbers have risen again for the fourth consecutive year. The average class size is currently 27 pupils, however, a recent census revealed that a significant number of students were in classes with over 36 pupils.

Studies have shown that large class sizes can be detrimental for a child’s education, that’s why we keep our class sizes small at Gateways. The optimum class size for students is between 14-18 pupils, we guarantee that our class sizes will never surpass this number, in order to provide our students with the best quality of education.

Studying in a small class can massively benefit your child’s confidence and participation level in class. This is due to;

At Gateways, our small class sizes mean that we get to focus on each pupil individually. Our small class model is designed to help your child succeed in all their academic goals.
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