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The following fees are applicable from September 2024:

Nursery and Pre-Reception

Fees available on request via our Registrar.

Please note: We are a FEEE funded school and offer FEEE from age 2. 

Prep School

Reception (4-5 years)
Per annum                                    £11,200
Per term                                        £3,733

Transition & Lower 1 (Years 1-2) (5-7 years)
Per annum                                    £11,200
Per term                                        £3,733

Upper 1 (Year 3) (7-8 years)
Per annum                                    £13,237
Per term                                         £4,412

Lower 2 to Lower 3 (Years 4-6) (8-11 years)
Per annum                                    £13,480
Per term                                         £4,493

High School

Upper 3 & Lower 4 (Years 7-8) (11-13 years)
Per annum                                    £17,849
Per term                                          £5,950

Upper 4 to Upper 5 (Years 9-11) (13-16 years)
Per annum                                    £17,960
Per term                                          £5,986

Sixth Form (Yrs 12-13) (16-18 years)

Per annum                                   £17,960
Per term                                         £5,986

All fees are reviewed annually.

Please see the School’s terms and conditions for details about the notice required to withdraw a pupil from the School.

Payment of fees

All school fees must be paid on or before the first day of each term. Alternatively, payment may be made in installments through SFP which collects the year’s fee over a number of months. A discount of 3% per annum is available for fees paid annually in advance.

Commitment fee

A commitment fee of £500 is payable in order to accept the offer of a place. Please note that this commitment fee is non refundable.

Additional fees

School meals, trips, before and afterschool club and external exams are additional charges.

School Fee Plan – 0% Finance – spread the cost of your payments over 10 months

As an alternative to paying your school fees termly, we are delighted to advise that you can now opt to pay your school fees and extras via monthly repayments through School Fee Plan*.

To find out more about School Fee Plan and how to apply, simply click on the link below:


School Fee Plan has over 20 years’ experience in providing this service to parents and we are confident that you will receive exceptional service from their dedicated team.

Click here to see an example of SFP on our current fees.

Gateways School Educational Trust is an appointed representative of Premium Credit Limited which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. *School Fee Plan is a trading style of Premium Credit Limited (company number 02015200).