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Gateways School achieves 59% A*/A grades and a 100% overall pass rate at A Level

There were numerous smiling faces on A Level results day as students, parents and staff celebrated an outstanding set of results for Gateways School in Harewood.

The 2017-2018 academic year has seen a fantastic 100% of pupils achieve A*-E grades in all subjects.  As a non-selective school, Gateways is proud to be celebrating 59% of all examinations being graded at A* or A level.  95% of students now go on to their first or second choice of university place with destinations including Oxford University, University College London, Nottingham and Manchester universities, just to name a few.

Headmistress Dr Tracy Johnson commented: “We are incredibly proud of all of the student’s achievements at A level this year.  Traditionally our value added at GCSE has been so high that it is always difficult for us to add even more value at A Level.  However, the ‘Gateways Formula’ of small class sizes and high levels of individual attention continue to make the difference and we have therefore added a full grade to each and every A Level result this year.  Well done to all the students, their teachers and their parents for a truly joint effort over the past two years.  The future is very bright for all the Gateways graduates this year and I wish them well in the next step of their educational journeys.”

Annabelle Fuller, who is going to Classics and English at Oxford University, commented “‘I’m feeling positively beatific about my results and the prospect of going to Oxford; I couldn’t have done it without all the first-rate support from Gateways, and I look forward to the next chapter of my education!”