The House System

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Upon joining the school (from Reception upwards) all pupils and staff members are allocated to one of three Houses – Beningbrough, Harewood and Newby.

Vertical Integration

The House System encourages vertical integration within the Gateways community as pupils from all years meet on a regular basis and take part in House events, enabling pupils from different year groups to mix together. Pupils from Upper 1 (year 3) upwards meet in their Houses once a week for a House assembly, either as a whole House or in smaller House groups.

House official roles give pupils an opportunity to develop their leadership skills as they organise and motivate their House members in preparation for these challenges. There are house officials in each year group from Lower 3 (year 6) upwards.

The House structure is also the basis for our School Mentoring System with Upper 4 (year 9) House Sisters and Lower Sixth House Mentors providing ongoing support to Upper 3 (year 7) pupils throughout their school career.

House Events

House Events include:

  • House Music competition
  • House Drama competition
  • Sports Day
  • House Cooking competition
  • Regular House quizzes
  • Weekly House photography competition

Pupils can also gain house points via personal achievements within school. Prep School holds a weekly merit assembly to recognise such achievements.