Upper 3 & Lower 4

In this section:

The emphasis for these Year groups is on widening awareness of all the possible career areas available in the world of work, and how society is required to fill a very wide range of jobs in order to function effectively, and to ensure that it continues to evolve and develop. Skills and traits are examined to begin the process of analysing personal aptitudes and interests.

This is delivered through:

  • Careers lessons
  • Involvement in National Careers Week activities

Web Resources

National Careers Service

Clear and comprehensive information, particularly useful for the Job Profiles section, covering easy-to-read outlines of over 800 different jobs. A good starting point when beginning to consider the breadth of career areas available.

I Could

Highly visual site using over 1000 video stories to examine jobs, career families and routes to qualifications. Useful for those who prefer to watch and listen to information rather than just reading.