Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

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The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is a youth organisation sponsored by the Ministry of Defence which operates in schools throughout the country. The CCF at Gateways is run in conjunction with Horsforth School in Leeds and takes place from 4pm – 6pm on Tuesdays at Gateways School.

The aims of the CCF are to promote self-reliance, team work, leadership and camaraderie in a disciplined environment. Cadets learn skills such as weapons handling, drill, navigation and first aid and build towards progressive training awards which can be earned at the end of the training programme.

The contingent runs an adventurous training programme and in the summer holidays, the cadets attend an annual camp for a week. There are also numerous weekend, overnight and short visits cadets can choose to take part in.

The contingent opened in September 2019 and is run by Captain Col Davies and WO2 T Sockett.